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Mat Class

The Mat class has a maximum of 8 people, allowing the instructors to pay attention to everyones needs.  


There are variations given, so no matter what your competency level is,  there will be a version of the excersize for you.


Mat Pilates uses your own body weight as resistance.  Small props are often added for variety and challenge.  It is a non-impact full body workout that focuses on core muscles, as well as toning for the legs, butt and arms, increasing spinal mobility and flexibility.  No prior experience is required to come along to a Mat Class, although we do recommend having a private session first so you learn to engage the correct muscles.

In the mat classes we do sometimes use small equipment like:


-  Roller
-  Balls
-  Weight
-  Magic Circle

-  Bands

Nothing like a ball and ring for a mat c
Some fun and games with the mat class to
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