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Vanessa Pleace

Owner, Pilates & Barre Instructor


I started practising Pilates as a result of a few car accidents which left me with neck and back injuries. I found that the practise of Pilates eased the pain in my back and Neck which left me intrigued in how many others could benefit from Pilates.

In 2004, I started my journey of  becoming a Pilates, Aqua, Boxing, Indoor Cycling, Bosu and Barre instructor.  Even though I qualified in 2011, I decided to redo my Pilates training with Polestar who is an Internationally recognised company.  By upgrading my qualification to a National Studio and Rehabilitation Diploma in Pilates it has allowed me to be recognised by a governing body of which I am full member.  I find that I am a full time student with body movement as no 2 body's are the same.

 It has been wonderful to see how many people are finding how Pilates is helping them move.  There are three quotes from Joseph Pilates which I am a true believer of.  They are “You are only as young as your spine is flexible” and “Change happens through movement and movement heals’ “After 10 sessions you will feel the difference, after 20 you will see a difference and after 30 you will have a new body’.  I have witnessed how movement has helped people heal.  One of my dreams has been to open my own Pilates Studio, where I can keep the classes small and pay special attention to everyone participating in the classes. 
This dream has come true with us opening Vision Pilates in May 2016 in the Salt retail prescient.   I have since introduced Barre classes which caters for cardio fitness.

My Vision is to create a community that uses Pilates as a way of keeping their body fit and healthy whilst creating a social hub. 

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Helen Hayes

Yoga Instructor

A personal search for understanding the effects our thoughts and emotions can have on our health & wellbeing, led me to take up yoga in 2014.  

For optimum health, I came to learn that we require balance and harmony not only from a physical and nutritional perspective, but also from an emotional and spiritual perspective. 


My search led me to discover a passion for  the body’s emotional anatomy and energy centres and how an imbalance in these fields can impact our physical body, resulting or contributing at times to illness, disease and even physical pain. This passion has resulted in my undertaking of studies in Ayurveda, Reiki, yogalates, crystal healing and yin yoga.

I love the restorative, gentle practice of Yin yoga for stretching and relaxation.   I incorporate the knowledge of the body’s meridians and chakras in my classes, to restore balance and harmony within the mind and body.

One of my favourite pastimes is to travel  to exotic locations like India & Bali or even within Australia attending yoga and wellness retreats.

My goal is to continue following my passion to further understand  the emotional anatomy and energy centres and to incorporate this in a program combined with the physical attributes of Pilates and Yoga.  This will promote and teach how to live in a balanced 

and harmonious state of health and wellbeing.

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