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At Vision Pilates, we teach you how to understand your body and not just learn how to perform an exercise.  This allows you to move with more grace and in a pain free range of motions when moving about doing everyday tasks. 


Instead of targeting one specific muscle or body part in an isolated way, Pilate’s exercises focus on whole-body movements the way we move in real life.   You will notice that you develop better posture and an increased sense of postural awareness, feeling and even looking taller due to Pilates emphasizing proper form and mindfulness with each repetition. 


Your stamina will improve, enhancing your enjoyment of all physical activities.

We have state-of-art equipment and expert instruction at affordable prices.   

At Vision Pilates, you are in capable hands as all our instructors are diploma qualified in professional Pilates instruction with rehabilitation guidance.   We are here to help you achieve your personal goals.  We keep our class sizes small so that we can provide a personal, safe approach to Pilates

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Vision Pilates Studio


Vision Pilates

T2 Salt Village,

Crn Bells Boulevard & Gunnamatta Avenue,

Kingscliff,  NSW, Australia

Tel # 0416050602


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