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(Max 4 People)

In the Studio Pilates sessions, participants will be working on:

  • Trapeze Table
  • Reformer
  • Combination Chair
  • Spine Corrector
  • Ladder Barrel
  • Freeform board
  • ​Oov

Booty barre

(Max 8 People)

Booty Barre Is a fun session that fuses Pilates, dance and Yoga. This workout will get your heart pumping and the calories burning. Be prepared to sweat.

  • Flex and Flow
  • ​Plus



(Max 8 per Class)

In the Mat Pilates sessions, participants will be working on small apparatus including :

  • Pilates Circle
  • Roller
  • Weighted Balls
  • Exercise Ball
  • Pilates Balls

Vision Pilates



Vision Pilates offers Mat and Studio classes with participant numbers controlled to allow for individual attention.